Healing & Mentoring

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Healing & Mentoring

My Fight for Healing 

Ever since I was 17, I’ve been seeking the path of healing. I knew something was deeply broken inside me, but I also believed deep down that healing was possible. I believed deep down that Love was calling and beckoning me Home no matter how alien and isolated I felt inside my own body.

No matter the pain, I fought. Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, crippling health problems, grief, trauma, and PTSD … I faced it all.

Throughout my 20s, I traveled down so many different avenues of healing through art, sound and music, movement, counseling, yoga therapy, etc. It’s all played a part in my own journey into hope and joy after so much darkness and despair.

But is wasn’t easy. Healing never is. It demands your all. It demands change and honesty and courage. There were days I felt the road was endless, the wilderness would last forever, and I would die alone.

Let Me Lend A Hand as a Healer, Mentor, Friend

The reason I tell you this? Healing is possible, no matter where you’ve been or where you’re going. You don’t have to stay stuck forever.  But for all of us, it’s a journey we can’t do alone. We often need a little insight and support along the way.

I believe I’m a healer, but I also believe everyone is a healer, and that everyone has a unique story of their own. If you learn to listen, your own path will become clear. It can look like no one else’s, and it can be like no one’s else–it is yours.

As a healer and mentor, I can walk alongside you and help you down your own road. That’s one of my deepest callings. Not to lead, judge, dictate, or force… but simply to walk alongside you, listen to you, support you, encourage you, and be a friend limping down the road alongside you.

The reason I created this website is to communicate these truths:

  • You are never alone. Never.
  • Never give up, for better things are ahead.
  • Beauty is always there, no matter the ugliness you might’ve seen.

All Photos by Teryn O’Brien